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He's a strange boy; loving, obedient, great on the lead, ok with other dogs, but he is scared of men. He has not been abused nor neglected, he has actually been very much loved, but the lack of exposure to the male species has resulted in Griffin backing away and not really super keen to interact.

He's not an aggressive dog by any stretch of the imagination, but he will need to attend some experienced training lessons, and what we are prepared to do is this; if you commit to Griffin, and attend one of the professional orgs we recommend, we will refund you his adoption fee to assist in the cost of these lessons. 

Griffin needs someone who will love him for who he is, and work with him, not against him, to overcome this fear he has. PLEASE be reassured, at NO STAGE has Griff bitten, attacked or in any way made contact to cause harm. He retreats, he does not come forward. 

So, if you are that very special person this lovely boy needs, please do not hesitate to give us a call, and I can put you in contact with our trainer, who has Griffin. We are very honest about our dogs, and hide nothing, we need people to be very much aware of the foibles and needs of our rescue dogs.

Griffin will have all his new gear plus a bag of premium food to help him along the way.

Adoption fee is $150.

Doberman x
Male DOB 9/08/2014